Professional Bartending in Houston, TX

Bartending2U is John Garcia and Christian Saldivar. In the beginning, we were 2 Fortune 500 professionals with years of bar and restaurant experience bartending events on the side,

But now...

We are 2 "bartender-prenuers" ready to help make your special occasion exceptionally special.

How it happened

Over 4 years ago, John Garcia needed some extra cash for Christmas, so he went to bartending school. Very quickly, he started getting calls from people who wanted him to tend a party, so he began bartending for events.

Soon after, John got called to do a big wedding, so he called Christian Saldivar to help him out. After that, things just exploded.


Bartending2U is a preferred vendor at several venues, and what began as a hobby and side project has become a beloved career. We have a passion for what we do, and we can't wait to serve your next event!
John Garcia - Bartending2U - Bartenders in Houston, TX
Christian Saldivar - Bartenders in Houston, TX - Bartending2U



The #1 Reason why our clients choose us is VALUE!

Our packages include:

  • TABC Certified Bartenders and Service Staff who come equipped with a utility belt of bartender tools and who are committed to excellent customer service.
  • Garnishments (lemons, limes, cherries, olives, etc.)
  • Napkins, Straws, Stirrers
  • 1 hour of complimentary bar set-up/clean-up time as needed.
  • Custom Cocktails - Would you like a memorable specialty drink or two or a more extensive drink menu for your affair? We can create unique cocktails and have it available for your guests.
  • Not sure how much alcohol, ice, and mixers to buy? We can provide complimentary beverage purchase consultation for your event.
  • Extra coolers and bartending table/table skirt
Other services we can provide at a fair rate:

  • Alcohol (Alcohol is purchased by you, the client)
  • Ice, mixers, and drinking cup, purchase, pick-up and delivery
  • Glassware rental