Special Event bartenders in Houston, TX

In short, we do it all! Not only do we plan everything with regards to your bartending needs, but we set up, take down, and make sure everything flows smoothly. See what we did there?

We Offer Bartending Services For:

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Corporate Events
  • Celebrations and Parties
  • Your Next Event

We Also Offer:

  • Custom Drink menus
  • Beverage Purchase Consultations
  • Personalized Service
We recommend 1 bartender for every 100(+/-) drinking guests.
Bartending Rates (Rates are for 4-hours or longer events. Rates increase for lower durations):
Bartender - Bar tending in Houston, TX
$50/hour for 1 bartender
(+) $20 admin/booking fee
Bartenders - Bar tending in Houston, TX
$95/hour for 2 bartenders
(+) $20 admin/booking fee
Liquor - Bar tending in Houston, TX
$135/hour for 3 bartenders
(+) $20 admin/booking fee


Included in Our Rate:

  • Professional and outgoing bartender(s) who are focused on providing great service for you and your guests.

  • Complimentary bar set-up and clean-up time
    • We arrive 1.25 hours early and stay late to ensure readiness and cleanliness

  • Drink Garnishes
    • Limes, Lemons, Cherries, Olives

  • Cocktail Napkins, Straws, Stirrers

  • Bartending Supplies & Tools
    • wine openers, bottle openers, cocktail shaker, ice scoops, bar mats, towels, cooler, and more

  • Specialty Drink Creation
    • Let us create drink that fits the theme or color scheme of the event. His and Her Cocktail?

Client provides 4 things: Alcohol, Mixers, Ice, and Cups
  • Full Beverage Consultation
    • Based on your event, number of drinking guests, and the number of hours, we use our expertise to help determine how much is needed for the bar.
Ice Only Purchase and Delivery Fees (ice purchase and delivery included in Full Service Fee above)

up to 200 lbs of ice: $40 (+) cost of ice

200-300 lbs of ice: $45 (+) cost of ice

300+ lbs of ice: $50 (+) cost of ice

Note: $2 per 10-lb of ice
Extra Staff Available

*Waitstaff, Bussers, Servers, Barbacks available @ $35/hour (no extra set-up or clean-up time included)